The Seafood Truck

Peninsula Fresh Seafood has been growing Dromana Bay mussels off Safety Beach for over 30 years. Since then, and through our own fishmongering facility in Dromana, we are considered “THE” place to go to on the Mornington Peninsula for the freshest local seafood.

As we make our living from the natural resources our precious oceans provide, Peninsula Fresh Seafood is acutely aware of the need to ensure our seafood resources remain sustainable.

Our mussel farm remains the beacon of our sustainability ethos, with mussels happily growing and regenerating year on year with no inputs required other than a bit of love and care.

However, as a fishmonger, Peninsula Fresh Seafood sadly witnesses how much of a whole fish goes to waste as consumers demand bone free fillets for ease of cooking and eating. Much of this “waste” can be used to prepare delicious and healthy meals, it just requires knowledge and a little bit of effort.

Introducing the Seafood Truck

Specializing in delicious meals that use as much of a fish as we can, The Seafood Truck not only aims to ensure greater sustainability of our fish stocks, but to show our customers how they too can use more of the fresh fish they buy at our retail outlets.

We are open on the Safety Beach foreshore opposite 128 Marine Drive on Fridays from 3pm until last light and on weekends from midday to last light. Opening hours will be affected by weather so we suggest you call 0459 476 026 to check when the weather isn’t looking great. You can also order online here

Safety Beach Foreshore

OPP. 128 Marine Drive

Sun -10.30am – 3.30pm