During busy periods (Christmas/New Year and Easter) we offer an online ordering service for oysters, mussels, prawns and commonly available seafood.

If you wish to place an order please complete the below form and in the comments section advise what day you want to collect. We will then contact you to confirm availability, final order value, and take a deposit. You will be sent a confirmation email which you will need to bring with you when you collect your order. Please note it is not possible to guarantee availability of wild caught fish, however orders will take preference when allocating our catch (based on first order received being filled first).

Please note orders must be received before the following deadlines:

All orders must be placed by 5pm the Tuesday before Easter and picked up by close of business Easter Thursday.
All orders to be placed by 21 December and picked up by 5pm Christmas Eve. All Xmas orders to be picked up from factory at 3/10 Thomson Terrace Dromana from 10.30am to 5pm on 23rd or 24th of December.
New Year
All Orders to be placed by 29 December and picked up by 5pm New Years Eve.

If you wish to place an order for a special occasion or you want to guarantee supply on a weekend, please call/text us by 5pm Wednesday and we will call you back to confirm your order.

  • Order Fresh Shellfish

    (Please note prices are subject to change)
  • Price: $ 7.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 12.00 Quantity:
    Homemade Mussel Chowder with 100% local ingredients. 800grams - Serves 2.
  • Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 18.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 45.00 Quantity:
    King Island Scallops Roe on
  • Price: $ 45.00 Quantity:
    (approx 24/30 prawns per kilo)
  • Price: $ 45.00 Quantity:
    U10 (approx 22 prawns per kilo)
  • Order Fresh Fish

    (Please note prices are subject to change)
  • Price: $ 32.00 Quantity:
    Price will vary depending on supply
  • Price: $ 37.50 Quantity:
    Price will vary depending on supply
  • Price: $ 37.00 Quantity:
    Please advice approx weight
  • Price: $ 37.00 Quantity:
    Please advise number of Sides. If you want a specific weight please advise in comments section. Sides are approximately 1.3-1.8 kgs
  • Price: $ 49.50 Quantity:
    Price will vary depending on supply
  • Price: $ 24.50 Quantity:
    Please advise approximate size of fish required in comments below. Fish will be cleaned and scaled.
  • Order total - subject to change

    Once we have received your online order we will call you to confirm your order and final cost. A deposit of 25% is required. Your order will then be filled based on our catch. In the event we cannot fill part of your order due to unavailability we will only process payment for seafood supplied and contact you. Cards accepted; Visa & Mastercard only.
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