Welcome to our Christmas online ordering system. 

For Christmas Orders please note the following important information:

Christmas is an extremely busy time and to enable us to pack and fill all our orders we offer a reduced product range. Items not able to be pre ordered for Xmas are shown as Out of Stock but are generally available for purchase on the day.

Fish fillets, Whole Snapper, Crabs and Calamari are dependent on supply and if unavailable we will advise you prior to pick up. Our snapper is cleaned but we don’t clean calamari for Christmas Orders.

We do not count out individual items of prawns or scallops, they can be ordered in 1/2kg and 1 kg lots.

Due to the volume of orders we restrict the number of orders able to be picked up at each location. If you pick up location or pick up time is not available it will be because we have reached our maximum order limit for that day and location. You can of course select another day and/or location. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR ORDER BOOK FOR PICK UP ON THE 23rd AND 24TH OF DECEMBER IS FULL SO YOU WILL NEED TO PICK ANOTHER DATE WITH PICK UP AT THE PROCESSING FACILITY ONLY.

To secure supply we will have sourced all of our Christmas stock prior to the first available pick up date. As such there will be no difference to picking up your seafood earlier in the week and you will avoid the last minute rush. Our oysters are opened on site and have a refrigerated shelf life of at least 4-5 days. If you are only ordering in-shell prawns, we suggest you pick up in the weeks leading into Christmas and store in your freezer. As Victoria does not have a local prawn industry all our prawns are Australian caught and then cooked and frozen on the boat.

There is a minmum order value of $50. Given we have to weigh your seafood, it is not possible to pay in full at time of order. To reduce wait times on pick up, we will try and call you the day before your order pick up to take final payment but this is not always possible so please dont be concerned if we dont call you.

Our Order Pickup locations, times and dates are as follows:

Processing Facility – December 22, 8.30am – 5pm, December 23, 8.30am – 4pm December 24, 7am – 3pm

Hastings and Flinders – December 23, 8.30am – 3pm

Sorrento – December 24, 8am – 2pm

You will need to select one of these options when finalising your order.

Finally Christmas is an exceptionally busy time for us so we would ask that if you need to contact us you email us at info@peninsulafreshseafood.com.au or text us on 0409 192 770. This allows us to contact you outside busy work hours.

Once you have placed you online order you will be sent a confirmation email with a unique order number needed on pick up. If you do not receive an email, you order has not been received by us. Please check your junk folder and your credit card statement to see if a deposit has been taken.

If you have any special requests (such a preferred fish weight for Snapper), please use the Additional Comments section below.

If you are wanting to order outside Christmas week please text your orders to 0409 192 770 or email info@peninsulafreshseafood.com.au.  Please note we will be taking New Years orders online from 28th of December or you can place by contacting us as per above. 

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Text the word UPDATE to 0409 192 770