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Welcome to our online ordering system. Outside of busy periods such as Easter and Christmas we normally have sufficient quantities of all your favourite seafood on hand but please feel free to place an order to secure your seafood. If you require something not listed below, please feel free to email (info@peninsulafreshseafood.com.au) or call/text us on 0409 192 770.

Once you have placed you online order you will be sent a confirmation email with a unique order number needed on pick up. Please note we are not able to confirm the exact value of your order as fish weights will vary. Once we have filled your order we will advise you on pickup of the exact cost. We are also not able to guarantee availability of wild caught fish, however orders will take preference when allocating our catch and filled on first order received basis. In the event that something you order is not available, we will contact you.

Please Note: Orders must be received 24 hours prior to desired pickup time. Minimum Order of $50.

Seafood Available

Step 1 – Please select the seafood you wish to Order. Once you have chosen all your Seafood, select Proceed to Order where you will enter the quantities.